Meet The Cake Artist

Hi! I am the Vivian behind CBV Cake Design (Cakes by Vivian). Whether I am in the kitchen trying out new recipes or hitting up the newest restaurants in the melting pot of Houston, food is always on my mind. I’ve always loved food, most especially sweets. From classic desserts to coming up with new flavor combinations the creative process of baking has been something I've always enjoyed. It is also such a gratifying feeling seeing the smiles on peoples face when we have created a cake or dessert for their special day.

Aside from my role as a baker, I am also a wife to a very supportive husband and mom to two wonderful little monkeys. The mister can build almost anything that I can think up to compliment my sweet treats. As for the two monkeys, my little boy loves fruits and monster trucks; my little girl has my sweet tooth and has surpassed me in the girly department. Aside from my love of food, I also enjoy traveling and have been blessed to have visited some of the prettiest places in the world. One of my favorite things to do when we travel is trying the sweet treats of the countries we visit. Walking into a bakery in a new place is like a kid in a toy store, I literally want everything.